Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yamaha's new desktop, is it speaker, or speakers

Posted by: Andrew Harris
These incredibly gorgeous pieces of sound technology, the Yamaha NX-U02 USB speakers and the Yamaha NX-B02 Bluetooth speakers, are a richer aural experience than an aesthetic one. Really though, these all in one package pieces include sophisticated sound resonance and tuning technology. Not to forget, Yamaha's Twin Swing Radiator Bass technology that gives you that bass kick in the back your looking for. These enhancements produce a fuller sound using less of your outlets, USB or battery (Bluetooth), and desktop space. Yamaha boasts 20W(2x10w) in the USB powered sound system. Are you short on USB ports? But boy, that Bluetooth sure doesn't get used, than grab the Bluetooth version, which also will hard wire to your MP3, not as powerful but more versatile. Just one question left, when do they ship?

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