Monday, September 24, 2007

Samsung YP-P2: an iPod Alternative?

[Image courtesy of Samsung]

Posted by Andrew Harris

Well, as an apple user so I'm a bit bias...I, however, will remain impartial in order to provide the most objective comparison. Will the Samsung YP-P2 live up to its new nickname "iPod Killer"? The reasons for this menacing moniker are: the lighter weight (2.8oz vs 4.2oz), more battery time (35hrs vs 22hrs [audio]), plus the unopposed features of an FM receiver, and the big'ens...smaller size and Bluetooth connectivity. Samsung has optional Bluetooth earphones and speaker accessories as well. The Samsung PMP offering also uses "EmoTure" touch technology, apparently this reacts to your emotional state in some way, not sure how it does this. Some reviewers are liking it to a "really cool click wheel". The 8GB Model sells for $250 which is a bit cheaper than iPod. Just as with Apple, Samsung has already began shipping the units to early orderers. So choose sides and pick your poison, though in the end it's a bit like comparing "apples" and oranges.

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