Monday, September 24, 2007

Blaupunkt Banks on the Digital-Savvy User

[Image courtesy of blaupunkt]

Posted by Andrew Harris

So you finally transferred all those CD’s from your rack to your computer and that portable music player is full already…don’t lose some music to get some music, just add to your portable music collection. With Blaupunkt’s Melbourne SD27 you can rock out to your portable player and SD/MMC card too. No need to burn those pesky antiquated CDs. SD/MCC is the way to record and share your eclectic MP3 or WMA playlists. Music mixes are always a fun permanent record of a time, a place, and your emotional the time they were produced. Inexpensive media cards make this kind of recording quick and affordable. Blaupunkt Melbourne SD27’s SD/MMC card reader can also play very high kilobytes bitrates, up to 320, giving you the CD quality without the hassle. This Blaupunkt deck head integrates fully into your car audio setup with four channel pre-outs for your amp, tel/navi input, and optional Bluetooth and USB module for your phone, media players or even a hard drive for those cross country road trips.

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