Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Powerpacked Mini Speakers

posted by: Andrew Harris

Have you ever wanted to sport a boom box on your shoulder like the B-boys of old, instead of your ipod?

You know you like that whole 80’s retro look. Ok, so the beastly ghetto blaster is a bit passé, fair enough, but the idea of broadcasting your music (aka noise) to the dismay of your elders has a lasting appeal.

Luckily, AudioSource has the cure fur what ales ya...your lack of portable amplifying power. Whether your aim is to break-dance in the park or annoy the guy across from you at work, AudioSource Db5 compact speakers are here to help.

These little guys pack a wallop, great to connect to your laptop, iPod, CD player, or any device with a standard 1/8" output socket. It’s a self contained unit that folds up to protect the speakers during transport, and small enough to easily fit in a pocket, tote, or laptop case. AudioSoucre Db5s amplify via four AA, or the included USB power cable. I tried these puppies out for myself and was impressed by the sets sound, design, and style, and for like 25 bucks what would stop you...except maybe the complaints from the other break-dancing crews in the park, asking you to turn your noise down.

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