Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Denon HDMI S-302/S-102

posted by: Andrew Harris
Those crafty folk over at Denon introduce S-series HDMI receivers ($999-$1699 MSRP), built on Denon's close to one hundred years of innovations in sound technology and usability. These two Denon 2.1-channel surround sound DVD home entertainment systems deliver 1080p video.In addition to that, the S-302 up-converts analog to 1080p digi, so even playing an older disc that isn’t HD-DVD you'll get, delivered by Denon, that HD experience. In the S-102 this feature is a bit different it only upscales the video to 1080p instead of a conversion. Imagine this is as being a bit like blowing up a smaller resolution image to fit the HD screen, however, the price reflects this small shortcoming. Both players use interlaced to progressive video conversion for digital output, this high precision Digital Analog Conversion may cause you to neglect the rest of your life...use with caution.Back to Blog!