Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yamaha's Audiogram Series Brings Powerful yet Affordable Audio Recording to any Computer

Yamaha’s AUDIOGRAM 6and AUDIOGRAM 3turns any computer into a recording studio. These intuitive tools record audio from virtually any microphone, instrument, or audio device. The included USB cable supplies the unit’s power as well as providing an interface with the computer.

Truly a complete recording solution, the AUDIOGRAM Series bundles revolutionary hardware interface with professional grade software. CUBASE AI, the included music production software, turns any computer into an easy-to-use, 48-track, music production system - capable of producing professional quality demos.

“The AUDIOGRAM 6 features 2 XLR combo inputs with preamp, two stereo inputs, and one-knob compression for dialing in the desired sound from microphones and instruments, and a USB jack for connecting to a computer.

The compact AUDIOGRAM 3 features one phantom powered combo input switchable for microphones or instrument recording, a stereo input, a stereo and headphone output and a USB jack.

The AUDIOGRAM Series are now available for $149.99 retail (AUDIOGRAM 3) and $199.99 retail (AUDIOGRAM 6)."