Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Apple Rumor: Macbook Nano/Apple Netbook

New York Times 'bits' contributor, John Markoff, has done some hard-nosed reporting about an unusual occurrence within Apple Computer: Steve Jobs on a conference calls with analysts. I know that doesn't sound too groundbreaking, but considering he hasn't taken part in one in eight years, it's news worthy. What's more news worthy is what was discussed.

First off, the economic tailspin isn't worrying the hipster computing giant. One analyst noted during the call...
Apple currently has "enough money in the bank to hire all of the engineers in Silicon Valley for a lifetime."

with $25 billion in the bank, no debt, and a growing army of loyal clientele, Apple is positioned, like no other company in the industry, to develop a netbook computer that will provide the full computing experience for under $500.

And Markoff has some interesting news about this possibility as well; "A" search engine company [contacted Markoff, stating they] "spotted Web visits from an unannounced Apple product with a display somewhere between an iPhone and a MacBook."

Furthering this storm of speculation is Snow Leopard, Apple's latest incarnation of their lauded OSX, said to be optimized for a touchscreen interface; just the kind of interface a 'Macbook Nano' or Apple Netbook machine would be sporting.

I think that battery capacity and lifespan will be a deciding factor in how quickly, if at all, this will come to market. That screen looks like a battery killer to me.