Friday, August 22, 2008

Sony's S-AIRPLAY Helps You Play Harder

Sony knows where there’s a party - there’s an iPod, and their latest product announcement just made large soirees a little easier to throw (at least in the music department). With the new S-AIRPLAY system, Sony has made multi-room audio practical, inexpensive, and a cinch to setup.

Using their own S-air wireless technology, which has garnished user praise for...

its high bitrates and resistance to outside interface, iPod tunes or radio transmissions, can be transmitted from the main docking station to the satellites speaker/receivers situated in other rooms; up to 10 at once.

The main docking unit also sports RCA interfaces for connecting up to a television, helping you get the most out of those downloaded videos. Each satellite speaker has a source select. Using the S-AIRPLAY system’s dual source feature, any unit can bypass the iPod audio, in favor of radio transmissions, while other satellites continue playing iPod audio.

Satellites also handle remote control over the iPod track selection, and even incorporate the standard clock radio functions of a sleep timer and alarm; making them a great addition to your nightstand. The AIR-SA20PK will arrive in warehouses next month; MSRP is set at $400. We can do better than that…
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