Monday, August 4, 2008

Ion VHS to DVD Transfer System

Ever since I stowed them away, with every intention of reliving their glory, my stacks of old VHS tapes have been clamoring to live on in the digital age. Now, their dreams of immortality have new wings. Ion has released VCR 2 PC
which is, as it’s name suggests, a VHS player that outputs thru USB to a Windows machine running XP or Vista. Not only can it record tapes directly to DVD, but
it can also record any analog NTSC source, digitally, by using the RCA inputs in the front of the player. So even analog camcorder tapes can be transferred to DVD, assuming my camcorder still works.

Finally, I can free those original Star Wars VHS tapes, the ones without the crappy digital enhancement, from analog purgatory - along with the all the embarrassing home movies of school plays and summer vacations. Actually, on second thought, I may just stick with transferring the blockbusters. Hopefully your home movie moments caught for posterity aren’t as ego bruising as mine.

Oh, and once the movies have been transferred it’s not trash, VCR 2 PC hooks up to the tele too, using composite AV output. VHS lives on!


Anonymous said...

The VCR 2 PC allows you to archive your VHS tapes into a digital format, via a USB link to a PC. Using the special software, you will export your videos into an MPEG4 video file, which can either remain stored on your computer, or burned onto long-lasting DVD. You can also export it to either an iPod or PSP format.

Guaranteed ROI

Martina said...

It seems like the world changed over from VHS to DVD in less time than it takes to rewind and eject a tape. I've been trying to think of any forgotten features that VHS has over DVD. Of course it's recordable, but only at half of broadcast resolution. The blank media is cheap, but not as cheap as 20 cent blank DVD's. The only thing I've been able to think of is that a VHS tape stays where you last left it, handy for pre-cueing a pile of videos - which I doubt that anyone does anyway.

Guaranteed ROI

Marty Holthaus said...

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