Monday, August 18, 2008

Sony Leaks New Line of Budget-minded Walkman

Sony inadvertently, or not, announced a new slew of inexpensive portable media players (PMPs), through their New Zealand site (which has already been squelched). The NWZ-E430 series Walkman will take its place under the NWZ-S610 line to become Sony’s newest entry-level PMP.

With the earlier 2GB NWZ-S615coming in just under $90, you can guess the 2” screen sporting NWZ-E435, NWZ-E436, and NWZ-E438 will be more than reasonably priced, when released. Other advantages are increased compatibility with drag and drop supported by OS file managers or sync software, as well as Windows Media player and iTunes support.

As with most non-apple PMPs, there is an FM tuner and incredible battery life. However, the 45 hours of music and 9.5 hours of video that this player is purported to be capable of... is unheard of in today’s market. More info as it becomes available.

via Sony Insider