Monday, February 25, 2008

JVC RX-D702B Audio/Video Control Receiver

JVC RX-D702B Audio/Video Control Receiver (Black)Receivers are rarely sleek and slim; they usually take up a bit of real estate and weigh around forty pounds. As an alternative to these whaling behemoths, JVC has a line of sleek, powerful, smaller form digital amplifiers. They weigh in at a mere seventeen pounds. Good news is, JVC's most powerful and versatile ‘slimline’ digi amp has been out for about three years, enough time to have its price drop to near half of its original retail. Despite the stigmata, that consumerism thrives on, of not being up-to-date; this JVC has some impressive specs.

Audio Features

JVC RX-D702B Audio/Video Control Receiver (Black) rear

One of the JVC RX-D702B’s most impressive features is its ability to wirelessly connect to your computer. This seems appropriate considering many computers act as music servers nowadays. Don’t worry if you don’t have a wireless network; JVC’s makes it simple. A USB dongle plugs into your computer, installs as a generic USB speaker, and wirelessly links your PC or Mac. Any audio from the computer is now sent to the receiver. This is nice because there are no issues with DRM (copy protected) content or having to use a specific media player program.

Adequate amplification doesn’t seem to be an issue for this JVC. It provides most channels with 150 watts, whether in surround sound or stereo modes. The speaker terminals accommodate up to 7.1 surround sound or 1 center (150W), 2 front(150W each), 2 surround(110W each), 2 rear(150W each), and a subwoofer (pre-out, not powered). On-board decoders for various Dolby Digital and DTS formats give this JVC the ability to decode most digital audio formats.

No matter what set of speakers is paired with this JVC; a formidable wall of sound comes out of this amp. Choose speakers whose power handling matches the amplifying abilities of the receiver, then pair that with a high-powered sub, you’ll have a system that will shake any room. The audio stylings of this JVC digi amp won’t leave you wishing for more.

Video Processing

Breathe new life into older components, the JVC up-converts analog video to 480p. You won't have to buy all your movie titles in High Def. It outputs upscaled video via HDMI
from any input terminals: Component, S-video, or Composite.

Also, the upscaling is great for playing those embarrassing home videos from the nineties in high def glory, “and here I am at band camp”…always a sure fire way to impress a date.

Buying technology that’s been around a while is a good way to save. You also have access to a greater diversity of user reviews from products that have been put through the paces. Do your own research; I think you’ll find my recommendation a sound one.

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