Monday, May 19, 2008

JVC's YouTube Cam with a 35x Zoom

JVC GZ-MS100JVC's GZ-MS100 is a YouTube skewed SD card camcorder; basically, it's a 35x high powered Konica Minolta lens with an 2.7-inch LCD attached. No hard drive, recording heads, or tape reels have definitely lightened things up a bit. This slight, sight and sound recorder weights in a little over a half a pound. Making holding the shot much less taxing.

The GX-MS100 lets you shoot and capture all the moments uninterrupted; no more time spent looking for tapes or having them run out at the most inopportune time. SD cards have allowed lengthier recording times of 3hrs to 19hrs. Unfortunatly, you would need to plug in this viral video maker to record that many hours, the battery life on the JVC GZ-M100 stands at around 2 hrs. More will cost ya.

Now, getting to the YouTube aspects of this guy; it has a one-button upload to the popular video sharing site using...

the included software. WiFi would have really given these units wings, but JVC doesn't included this seemingly obvious addition. The real new idea here is the built-in a video time limit, of 10min, when requested. This makes sure you don't exceed YouTube's time limit, saving users the time of editing for time.

Another JVC exclusive is Laser Touch Operation. This is touch sensitivity without the touch. You just hover or scroll your finger over the buttons and scrollbar, while a blue halo highlights your option, making sure the appropriate selection is made. The beauty here is the screen remains clean and fingerprint free. More on how well this work when we get some in...

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