Thursday, November 8, 2007

Pioneer's New Speakers Appeal to the Whisky Lover

Maybe we here at have that, it’s Thursday evening, “I need a drink” bug. But this pair of speakers from Pioneer’s European site got us kind of excited, and even more ready to tie a few on. If you’re not a whiskey connoisseur you can still dig on this concept on an environmentalist level. Pioneer has started recycling Suntory distillery’s White Oak whiskey curing barrels into finely crafted speakers. (Suntory is a Japanese whisky producer; you know…the company the hires Bill Murray to model in the movie “Lost in Translation”). Pioneer has discovered reusing these 100 year old barrels not only saves virgin trees, but also renders a richer immersive sound than newer materials. The inherent rigidity of White Oak reduces vibrations and sound resonance thus producing a crisper sound. These aren’t mass produced; each pair is a “true original”. It’s doubtful they’re hand made, but they’re certainly limited. So grab yourself a nice single malt on the rocks, throw a record of your favorite crooner on the Hi Fi, and get your grown man or woman on…with your own pair of pioneer “pure malt” speakers. If you can get your hands on them let us know, seriously.