Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bridging the gap between cellular and landline.

Cellular phones have been a major part of people’s lives for just over a decade now, and we are now at the point where landline phones are rarely used. A large portion of the rationale behind this is that, if there is even a landline in the house, we have all of our contact numbers in the cell phone, why go through the extra step of programming it into the phone? Well, Panasonic has a solution.

In a press release last week, Panasonic announced the KX-TG9382T, a first of its kind system that can transfer contacts from your cell phone to its own phonebook quickly and easily. Just follow the instructions down through the menu options and watch the progress as each entry flashes on the phone’s screen when it transfers.

If you are still paying for landline service, which I hope you are in case of your provider’s unexpected temporary failures, this system is a convenient way to keep your contacts handy, and a great back up should the battery on your phone die suddenly. Having a back-up plan is always important.

The KX-TG9382T is also equipped with the standard Panasonic motley of features like DECT 6.0 performance, Energy Star certification, 40-minute digital answering machine, etc. For full manufacturer details click here.

The unit will be available from Amazon and general retailers in early October in one (KX-TG9381T) or two (KX-TG9382T) headset bundles with SRPs of $169.95 and $229.95 respectively.

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