Friday, December 21, 2007

Techie Tots Rejoice this Season

So you’re three and a half going on thirteen. What are you hoping that synthetic beard wearing jolly man, whom you met at the mall, leaves behind this year? Why, digital cameras, digital picture frames, laptops, and other gadgetry...the same things your parents are hoping St. Nick brings them, duh.

Manufactures of tot friendly editions of popular adult toys, sometimes the only difference being they have Nickelodeon characters all over them, are hoping to outsell sell wagons, Matchbox cars, and other low tech favorites.

I’m all for kids learning computers and technology early. I would most definitely buy a “my first” digital camera for a young one.

Though, you would think, in a day where childhood obesity rate are rocketing wagons would be preferable to toys that teach more sedentary behavior. Although, setting a healthy example by not being completely sedentary ourselves has much more to do with reversing this trend than not buying tech toys, that and getting the wagon too.